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Recruiting the right person is about more than just qualifications and experience. Will they fit your culture? Will they bring something new to the team or rub people up the wrong way?

Coensus HR offers a recruitment insight rarely appreciated from only reading CVs, undertaking interviews and relying on gut-instinct.

We show you the person behind the well-coached, interview-ready candidate; the person that will actually turn up for work on day one.

We will show you who will be the best fit with your team, by comparing how they like to work, with how you and your team likes to work.

We have been using Prevue Assessments for our Sales Operations and Sales Consultant recruitment, we have had 2 Assessments which have flagged that the candidates were not right for us, so this has saved a lot of time and cost in terms of recruitment fees – which is exactly what we wanted from the tool.C.S. (a travel company)
Coensus HR

abilities assessment

See how well someone understands numbers, words, shapes and the relationships between them.

Coensus HR

motivation assessment

Identify the real motivation behind an individual’s desire to work and their likely longevity.

Coensus HR

personality assessment

Discover an individual’s personality and demonstrate how they might respond in a variety of situations.

You too can become part of the Coensus-hr success story

We are seeking people who want to help organisations reduce the cost of recruitment, improve their employment success rate and develop their staff in the future.

If you’re ready for a new challenge, read on to understand the benefits of becoming a Coensus-hr distributor.

If you are a coach or HR Consultant and want to use Prevue but do not want to become a Distributor, then please still give us a call.

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Coensus is the authorised UK distributor for Prevue HR.
Read more about our relationship and the benefits of Prevue assessments here.