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Become a Coensus-hr franchisee/distributor

Valued at around £31.5 billion, the UK’s recruitment market can be a very lucrative business, but the recruitment process often proves expensive and time-consuming for employers looking to bring in new staff. The results can be a bit patchy too.

Over the last two decades, psychometric assessments have become increasingly important, with the benefits now widely recognised by organisations of all sizes across all sectors.

The thorough assessment process ensures companies employ the right candidate, first time. This science-led approach not only saves the employer time, effort and money, but guarantees better recruits, committed to the role, who typically stay longer.

Psychometric assessments help employers see beyond the CV and allow them to understand the candidate in greater detail.

The assessments will identify the mental abilities, motivations & interests and personality of the individual, whilst highlighting their suitability for the role in question.

Recruiting purely based on CVs and application forms, backed by gut instinct will no longer deliver the right people for the the right role. Psychometric assessments are now seen as an effective way of speeding up this process, presenting employers with an accurate analysis of the individual, enabling them to make a science-based, better-informed decision.

Assessments also prove invaluable in the development of existing employees. Employers can identify key training areas, while gaining a better understanding of an employees existing abilities, which can then inform their personal development plan, to help optimise productivity and performance.

And now you have the opportunity to become part of the success.

Who we are

Coensus-hr is a master franchisor/distributor for one of the world’s leading experts on psychometric assessments, Prevue HR. It is one of the world’s leading innovators in the field of psychometric assessments, with over 20 years’ practical experience, based on the research of UK-based occupational psychologists.

Prevue HR’s assessments have helped rate the suitability of millions of employees for thousands of job roles, using its unique assessment process to deliver results in the following areas:

  • Increased hiring success – achieving the right fit.
  • Reduced recruitment costs.
  • Hiring the right candidate first time.
  • Increasing the speed of the recruitment process.
  • Faster new employee induction and productivity.
  • Using assessments for ongoing personal development.

Who you are

You may already operate in the recruitment sector or in a consultancy role, helping assess candidates and the training needs of employees. Becoming a franchisee/distributor for Coensus-hr offers many benefits, whether your business is looking to add more services to its portfolio or you want a simple way to join this fast-growing market place.

You might be a recruitment consultant, coach or trainer who needs a world class assessment tool to use with your clients, recognising the benefits of comprehensive, online normative psychometric assessments – in our opinion, the best on the market.

We expect you will have basic computer skills, essential for managing yours and your clients’ online activities. And we expect you are willing and committed to understanding a business that offers great financial rewards and personal development.

What you sell

As a Coensus-hr franchisee/distributor, you will seek out organisations who are currently recruiting – especially those with a desire to reduce the cost of recruitment, improve their employment success rate, and develop their staff in the future.

The targets will range from owner managers of SME to HR and Talent Managers of larger employers, all frustrated by the cost, effort and speed of the recruitment process.

Once you have found a suitable prospect, you will demonstrate the many benefits offered by adopting Prevue’s advanced online solutions. And then sell and service Prevue’s full suite of World Class Assessments and a globally acclaimed Application Tracking System (APS Pro).

Your success will be guaranteed when you highlight Prevue HR’s innovative ‘Unlimited Use Licence’ annual fee arrangement, which for a monthly subscription, based on number of employees, grants access to everything Prevue has to offer, for a truly unrivalled service.

How it works

The Prevue HR online platform has a three step delivery process and you have the opportunity to earn at every point along the way.

  • Build a Job Benchmark: Prevue’s on-line technology is used to create a customised job Benchmark which will identify the Client’s preferred mental abilities, interest & motivation and personality traits for the position they want filled.

    This is done by having existing managers answer an online survey; testing selected employees in a similar position or selecting from Prevue’s library of over 1000 positions. The Prevue system automatically gathers the necessary data to produce the Prevue Job Fit Benchmark for the position.

  • Test People: Job applicants are then invited by the employer to complete online Prevue assessments, starting with the optional Screening Assessment, used to identify only the most unsuitable candidates, followed by a Full Assessment.
  • Review the Report: Once an individual completes their Assessment the Prevue Assessment System compares their results to the job Benchmark to provide a variety of different reports that assist managers and HR professionals in making decisions related to hiring, coaching, training or promotion.

It is a simple to use, intuitive system that will quickly become an invaluable part of an organisation’s recruitment and people development tools.

Support for you

Coensus-hr is committed to fulfilling our growth potential, therefore you can expect ongoing support should whenever you need it.

Our ongoing support includes:

  • Selective Prospective Client visits – where appropriate.
  • Online join.me training sessions for you, your team and clients.
  • Technical support to provide the Application Tracking System, APS Pro.
  • National brand profile raising through marketing and PR support

It should be clearly understood that this opportunity only relates to selling a world class range of online assessments and advanced online tracking tool.

Next steps

To ensure that the Prevue business opportunity is a good fit for you we have structured a step-by-step development programme to educate you on the Prevue Assessments and delivering the Prevue products and services. We start by using our own product to match you with the profile of a proven Coensus-hr/Prevue franchisee/distributor.

1Introduction – A Coensus-hr representative will contact you to review the job fit assessment industry. They will provide you with a description of the typical Coensus-hr franchisee/distributor and customer. They will also address any and all questions you have about this business opportunity.

2Test and Learn – After the initial phone call and presentation, you will be invited to take an assessment. Using it yourself, you will gain an understanding of how valid, reliable and fair the report is. We will then review your results and show you how you compare to the benchmark of existing, successful Coensus-hr/Prevue franchisees/distributors. In addition to this you will be shown other Prevue reports and pricing.

3Review – After completing step two, you will be asked to review what you have learned and raise any further questions you may have regarding the opportunity. It is important at this stage to ensure there is a good fit before moving forward. The entire opportunity is an investment of time and resources for both us and you, so it needs to be the right opportunity for everyone.

4Becoming a Franchisee/Distributor – If both sides agree there is a good fit, the Coensus-hr franchisee/distributor joining fee and package will be reviewed in detail. We will also demonstrate our online assessment system and discuss our training and support programme. We use this step to fully inform you of what to expect by becoming a franchisee/distributor.

5Offer & Acceptance – Coensus-hr will make you a formal offer to become an authorised Coensus-hr franchisee/distributor, sending you a copy of our standard franchisee/distributor contract to review and sign. Upon settlement of our invoice everything will be good to go.

Team joining fee

The 2022 Coensus-hr franchisee/distributor starting package fee is only £5,600 and includes the following:

Now 12 full assessments to give a R.O.I. of £1440.

Franchisee/Distributor training: Start up, sales, marketing, two days telemarketing and on-going support.

Adopt a ‘do it now’ attitude because now is the time to succeed!

Please call 01753 669401 and speak to Ray King to discuss this opportunity
or fill in your details below and we will be in touch.