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Define the role

The first step in recruiting the right person, who best fits the job is understanding the current strengths and weaknesses of your existing team. It’s about setting the benchmark.

All of our assessments can be completed quickly and easily online to give you a clear picture of the characteristics the ideal candidate will possess.

We help you understand more about what characteristics the ideal candidate should possess.

PrevueTM assessments compare candidates against a job-fit profile, established by analysing the characteristics of the top performers in thousands of roles, across every industry, right around the world.


You will have access to our benchmark library, where you simply match your job description as closely as possible to the more than 700 positions covered.

Concurrent Study

If you already have good people in similar roles we will help you survey them to determine the shared characteristics and traits that have made them successful in the position.

Job Description Survey

We will help you survey managers within your organisation to better understand the characteristics they believe are required for success in the position.