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The In-House Recruitment Expo is taking place at the Olympia Conference Centre in West London on 18 &19 February and Coensus will be exhibiting on Stand 37.

The event is designed for those In-House Recruitment leaders and teams responsible for finding, recruiting and retaining the best candidates for large and SME private sector businesses.

The in-house recruitment role is typically viewed as the best-placed function to deliver recruitment that reflects the strategic goals of a business, whilst aligning the marketing strategy to budget.

In-house recruiters also have the best understanding of the culture and ethos of the business for which they work and will undoubtedly deliver the best candidate experience for potential employees.

In the words of the organisers; “The In-House Recruitment Expo aims to provide a national platform for In-House teams to network with their peers, understand best practice and learn about new products and services which will help them find the best candidates and achieve organisational objectives.”

And that’s why Coensus will be there, demonstrating the Prevue suite of psychometric assessments and Applicant Tracking System, because we believe we tick the boxes next to ‘best practice’ and ‘new products’.

We hope to get our message across to more recruiters, starting with the in-house teams, as it appears there are still plenty unaware of what we do and there are those who still rely on just the CV, application form and interview to recruit, which we would not consider best practice.

What you get for attending

We’ll get on to what we’re talking about in a minute, but for those not yet registered to attend, here’s just a few of the benefits. You will see hundreds of products and services relevant to you and your recruiting ambitions in what will be a busy year for most UK businesses.

You can attend FREE seminars and workshops, keep abreast with latest industry trends and of course, gather information on the latest products and services. You will learn about the latest developments in the sector and establish new contacts, whilst networking with your peers.

Our own Ray King will be presenting one of the seminars, entitled: How US Organisations Identify and Hire Great Talent, not psychopaths – which we guarantee will challenge your preconceptions around the recruiting decisions you make.

And you also have the opportunity to learn about the latest innovations and new technology, which is where Coensus comes in. We are offering an unrivalled applicant tracking system (APS Pro) and a range of off-the-shelf psychometric assessments covering a huge number of roles.

But if you’re the sort of business that needs new recruits as close as possible to the talent already within your business, then new have the answer; and it’s answer that shapes the assessment of future candidates, by the characteristics and approach to work we find across your current team.

But if you’re the sort of business that needs new recruits with characteristics as close as possible to the talent already within your business, then we have the answer.

It’s an answer that shapes the assessment of future candidates, by assessing the mental abilities, motivations & interests, personality and approach to work of your existing people. Simple.

We guarantee you will find and recruit better people, who fit the job role more accurately and who will integrate with your existing team easily. And you’ll save a lot of time and money too; what’s not to love?

So, to see the future of recruitment and retention drop by stand 37 to meet the Coensus team, who will help you begin your journey to more intelligent recruitment built on science not instinct.