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Coensus-hr was one of the many exhibitors at the In-House Recruitment Expo at London Olympia, all trying to impress those in-house HR teams responsible for sourcing and recruiting candidates within larger Corporate and SME businesses.

It was our second year and it proved a better more productive event. It is likely that the unseasonably warm February weather helped bump up attendance figures, especially compared to last year’s ‘Beast from the East’ disrupted event.

However, we prefer to think that the quality of exhibitors, with the products and services on offer to save recruitment teams a lot of hassle, time and money, were the bigger draw in what is becoming a competitive market, give the UK’s high employment rate.

Sunny but plenty of cloud

Coensus-hr was there to demonstrate Prevue’s cloud-based Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which is unique in its ability to integrate psychometric assessments into the recruitment process, as well as helping post roles more easily on all the popular job boards.

It was undoubtedly our cloud-based ATS that brought people to our stand, which was in a brilliant spot near the door to the main exhibition hall, with Einstein’s face drawing comment from many of the passing 1000 or so attendees.

Feedback on our system was very positive, with most surprised it offered so much, at such a competitive price when compared to the more common systems available; some of which do less for twice the cost.

Conversations on our stand indicated a huge range of organisations were present, with HR teams from businesses with only 200 staff to some with well in excess of 8,000 employees.

Despite the different scale however, all wanted the same thing; a more user-friendly, more cost-effective software for tracking and selecting prospective JOB-fit recruits.

The fact APS Pro, the Prevue ATS we were demonstrating also includes screening assessments to highlight those candidates who do not reach the basic requirements for a role, with the entire process including communication with the applicant automated, made for a strong pitch.

Assessments make the difference

Whilst most visitors were assessing new software for a variety of HR functions, like wellbeing and the ability to automate the recruitment process, many were there for the seminars and workshops, which covered everything from Graduate Recruitment to Building Talent Communities.

Our range of psychometric assessments, designed to reveal more about the individual than a CV ever shows, attracted a lot of interest, with visitors to our stand keen to take up our offer of a free trial, to show them what they’re missing and validate the accuracy of our reports.

The ability to benchmark their best people, or use the extensive Prevue library, to understand how well any prospective candidate measures up to the ideal or existing talent within an organisation attracted a lot of interest and positive comments.

These are the leads we’ll be following up in the next few weeks as we seek to turn lookers into clients. We came in part to assess the market and in part to educate the HR teams of the biggest employers that Coensus-hr has a serious ATS that would benefit any business.

Now it’s just about arranging the meetings and showing what we can do for the money; the selling should be easy after that.