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A recruitment process you control

If you’re recruiting because your business is growing, you’re doing something right. If you have to recruit regularly to replace those that leave, you might need to rely more on science and less on instinct.

At every stage of the recruitment process we are here to help; from whittling down the numbers to a manageable interview list and having questions to ask at interview, we help you be objective.

Cream rises

When you have lots of applicants, the short assessment identifies the top individual’s worthy of your consideration, automating the process and saving you time, hassle and money.

Simply set the parameters for your role, then when a large number of candidates apply, they take a 5-minute automated test that automatically grade candidates against your benchmark.

The results identify those who are job-fit and how closely they align with your organisation’s culture. From experience, we know you’ll recruit more individuals who achieve the ‘green light’.

The short test uses 48 questions to assess personality traits, like whether they are a team player or a free spirit. You will automatically gain valuable insight, without saying a word.

Compared to your job-fit benchmark, the report will show those that are a good fit (green), a possible fit (yellow) and a poor fit (red). Now focus on the best of the good fit.

We save you time reading hundreds of applications or interviewing people with no real prospect of suiting your role. And those that don’t make the grade can be let down gently, automatically.

Applicant tracking system

Choosing APS Pro from PrevueTM, will help you automate your recruitment process almost entirely; a few reports to read and that’s it. APS Pro is an industry-leading system that supports online job advertising, grades candidates that respond and automates the communication process.

Prevue Assessments integrate with current applicant tracking systems (ATS), so if you already use Prevue’s APS Pro, Oracle Taleo or iCIMS, you’ll be up and running quickly and ready to recruit, better, faster.

The results from the assessments will drop into your inbox, linked to the candidate profile in your ATS. The science behind Prevue gives you back time to focus on recruiting the right candidate, first time, every time.

If you don’t currently use a compatible ATS, then we can ensure all your candidates self-register their interest so assessment reports are still delivered direct to your inbox.