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Test and Review

You wouldn’t make major buying decisions without first testing the products and reviewing the results, so why take the risk with your recruitment needs?

Employing someone who has a good CV and appears to have the necessary skills, but is a bad fit, is the main reason most new employees don’t make it past the early months.

Only Prevue AssessmentsTM consider a candidate’s abilities, interests and personality traits to build up an in-depth picture that offers you valuable insight into how they might really perform in your organisation.

Using assessments will help you not only employ the right person for the job, but the right person for your organisation. Adopting this approach will also help reduce staff turnover by 50% or more.

A bad hire can cost you a small fortune in recruitments fees, lost time, wasted wages and disruption at work. The science of psychometric testing will surpass your instinct and improve your recruiting.

The Interview

The assessments won’t just identify the top applicants, but offer you unique interview questions to help you dig deeper and identify the best job-fit candidate.

You are only going to be interviewing strong candidates. You already know their strengths and weaknesses, so your questions will avoid pre-prepared answers and get to the heart of the matter.

The Report

Your selected candidates have taken the assessments and within minutes you can read the comprehensive, yet easy to understand report – there’s also a graph or two help highlight the results.

Absorb all the information contained in the report and we guarantee when you meet the candidate, you will already feel you know them.

Amongst all the detailed information, the reports explain the individual’s characteristics and their approach to work. The reports also come with suggested interview questions, personalised for each candidate, to really help you focus on the detail to get to the person behind the CV and put you in control.