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The UK Assessment market is undoubtedly vast and varied. A labyrinth of products, services and applications to select from; perhaps too many.

I say this with care because all have both pluses and minuses. However, with such an abundance to choose from it becomes a real challenge for the buyer to decide which is best suited to meet their individual needs and those of their organisation.

When it comes to those working in, In-House Recruitment, deciding which Assessment and Service does actually save time and costs, whilst ensuring the right applicant is selected for the Job, can become a minefield of decisions.

The following are just five pointers to help with this particular decision process. There are a lot more, but let’s just start with these few.

  • Can the system Benchmark the Position to be filled? Selecting an applicant by just reviewing their personality assessment just isn’t enough.True Job FIT encompasses many Abilities and Characteristics to ensure you appoint the best person for the vacant Position, Company and Department. First time and Every time.
  • Price is a real consideration even in the early days of decision making. Is their Fee structure realistic and competitive? A typical user may utilise many different assessments before arriving at their short-listed few. To start they might purchase assessments individually but over time and as their usage grows an ‘Unlimited Use Annual License’ will make more economic sense. Can your provider offer you this?
  • An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is fast becoming an essential tool. Make sure the provider you select can integrate their Assessments into the ATS process and schedule. You don’t want the added burden if the ATS and Assessments need to be managed separately.
  • The relatively simple Ipsative style Assessments are undoubtedly the most popular and best known here in the UK however their Validity and Reliability can be questionable, especially when used as part of the hiring process.To overcome any concerns, we recommend Normative Assessments are used, which can accurately measure Abilities, Motivation, Interests, Personality, Approach to Work and Working Characteristics; typically, all within the one test. If in doubt, ask to see and read the providers Technical manual.
  • Speed and ease of operations. This is achieved by being a cloud-based system operable from any place, with any device. The Dashboard supplied must be complete and comprehensive if maximum efficiency is to be achieved. (However, paper printed Workbooks should be available for those with learning difficulties)

The above are only a few personal suggestions, but if you can contribute more then please feel free to comment. The more we can ease this selection decision process, the greater the productivity with recruitment.