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What are we measuring?

Coensus is an Authorised Distributor of Prevue AssessmentsTM, which define the person behind the CV or job application letter by examining in detail the individual’s abilities, motivations and personality. All of which is achieved with a number of assessments:


Three assessments are undertaken to measure specific abilities, which when combined offer a measure of an individual’s general ability.

Verbal reasoning – the first assessment measures how well a participant understands and uses words. Sounds simple, but an individual’s ability to write clear and concise instructions, emails, reports, etc., to say nothing of reading and comprehending detailed information could have a significant impact on your organisation’s success.

Numerical reasoning – the ability to understand and use numbers will not only help measure an individual’s skills at data manipulation, but will help identify those able to think in a clear and structured manner; ideal for clerical, administrative, banking and financial service sector roles.

Spatial reasoning – the third assessment measures an individual’s ability to manipulate shapes and visualise objects in their mind. Not a strict measure of imagination, but a way to discover those capable of creating mental images to help them organise or arrange objects in any given space.


This assessment evaluates how much an individual likes and dislikes different types of work, to help identify their preferences – what really makes them tick. This assessment is particularly useful for those applicants who might fit the bill, but have no prior experience of the exact role you have available. The results will allow you to see potential; or not.

This assessment is also helpful in the development of your people, identifying areas for learning and training. The results will also suggest areas of work an individual may not have considered previously and it will help single out the next generation of potential leaders your organisation needs.


This assessment looks at how the individual acts and thinks, which is clearly an important indicator of how they’ll perform at work.

When you’re recruiting into an existing team, understanding how well a new employee will interact and collaborate with others is critical to your long-term success in reducing staff attrition. It’s a particularly useful assessment when recruiting into managerial, supervisory and customer service roles.

It is this assessment that also helps ensure the right person in the right role, but not only to the benefit of the employer. It will help stop individuals being placed in roles that do not ignite their passion or challenge them enough, for them to want to stay over the long-term.