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Why use psychometric assessments?

This is not a test

You will notice from the title that we refer to assessments, not tests, which is important. The assessments have no right or wrong answer, there is no pass or fail as you might typically expect with a test.

Prevue assessmentsTM help discover the talent within and help you see the person beyond the name. The assessment identifies the abilities, motivations and personality behind the CV and will help you understand who is really going to turn up for work on day one.

Clarity on the rise

The important and growing role of assessments in the recruitment process is widely recognised, ensuring decisions are objective and based more on job-fit criteria than old-fashioned instinct. Assessments bring a new clarity to the decisions you make regarding the people you employ.

But without knowing more about your existing team and why it works so well, or doesn’t, how can you make important development decisions? Who needs more training, who is bored by their current role and ready to leave, who is the real driving force and who are the future leaders? And who is a disruptive influence, damaging productivity?

Value in the result

The result from assessments is important, but so is the act of undertaking them. When the reason and the benefits are explained, your people will feel valued as they understand detailed assessment is part of their long-term development process.

Eerily accurate with instantly recognisable character portraits, Prevue assessments have been shaped by more than 20 years’ practical experience, thousands of jobs and millions of participants.