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Coensus is a Global authorised Master Distributor based here in the UK

Employing the right person for the right position is equally important for both sides of the equation. The employer needs someone who will fit in well and has the abilities to be successful; the employee deserves a role to which they are suited and offers them the best chance of a successful career without crushing their dreams.

But relying on merely subjective methods to achieve all this, like reading hundreds of CVs and undertaking interviews based on what those CVs contain, is not an efficient use of anyone’s time and will only ever deliver mixed results.

Which is why Prevue HR was formed in 1994 in Canada, to take the guesswork out of the recruitment process and inject a little more objective science to improve outcomes.

Although a Canadian business, the assessments central to their offering were developed in the UK by occupational psychologists, Dr. David Bartram and Dr. Pat Lindley, who spent several years refining them exclusively for Prevue – by 2012, the online assessments had been undertaken 5 million times.

Prevue assessments ensure a good fit

Coensus chose to work with Prevue because their combination of psychometric assessments, custom reports and intuitive applicant tracking system is the world-leader in helping organisations better understand prospective employees and importantly, their people.

Using Prevue assessments helps introduce more science and less instinct. Before people had help writing their CVs and long before prospects were coached for their interview, you could perhaps rely more on your gut feel, but now is the time for objective recruitment decisions.

Assessments will help you identify the strengths of your current team and help you understand why it works; or doesn’t. You will find recruits who are a better fit for your role; no more square pegs needing their corners shaved. And recruiting the right people first time, will also reduce your staff turnover.

To uncover the true character behind the CV, Prevue assessments identify an individual’s personality, aptitude and motivations. In themselves a great leap forward in the recruitment process, but importantly Prevue assessments also highlight aspects of a candidate’s life and work where you might wish to dig a little deeper in the interview – we’ll even suggest questions you might like to ask.