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Develop people

Assessments at the heart of developing your people

Coensus is the authorised UK distributor for Prevue assessmentsTM, which are designed to discover an individual’s abilities, motivations and personality.

Assessments need not only help with recruiting the right people into the right roles, but used to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your existing workforce, including who would benefit from training and development.

Improve productivity and find leaders

For those seeking to drive efficiency improvements through increasing productivity and make more of the talent within your organisations, our approved people development partner, LMI-UK have solutions that deliver real results.

LMI is a world-leader in leadership development and helping people realise their full potential. Their programmes are designed to inspire people and give them belief in themselves and their abilities, recognising an individual must first learn to lead themselves before they can be an effective leader of others.

Take your time and do it again

Although innovative in their approach and content, programmes are delivered using tried and tested ‘Action Learning’ techniques that work. The structure of the programmes has been refined over 50 years of global success, with three core concepts central to their delivery: time, multi-sensory learning and spaced repetition.

When this classic approach to training and development is combined with personal coaching and group facilitation, individuals will achieve measurable results in important areas, including:

  • Leadership, personal motivation and goal setting
  • Increased personal productivity, profitability and sales
  • Improved organisational and people management skills
  • Clearer, more effective communication
  • Enhanced team development and empowerment

A look through the programmes will give you a flavour of what LMI-UK has to offer and the benefits programmes will deliver for you, your people and your organisation.