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Exciting new tools to help you help your clients

Add value to your clients

We know you have the right clients and you’re working hard to help them achieve more, but now you have the opportunity to add psychometric assessments to the tools at your disposal.

Psychometric assessments are typically only used in the final stages of recruitment process, to help an organisation decide between two equally qualified candidates. But now, Coensus is introducing a way to use assessments right from the start of the recruitment process; from job benchmark to employment.

Benchmarking a role will help attract only suitable candidates, who can all then undertake a short online assessment to narrow the choice. Those likely choices can be given a full assessment to discover their abilities, aptitudes, interests and motivations; to reveal the real person behind the CV.

Assessments are also proving useful for helping organisations understand the strengths and weaknesses of their current workforce; helping identify those who would benefit from training and development.
The suite of assessments from world leading recruitment specialist Prevue HR Systems Inc., is being made available in the UK for the first time. And we want you to become a distributor and help your clients choose their next employee using science, not instinct.

Add profit to your business

Your initial investment will only be £2500 plus VAT and this package includes 25 Prevue assessments, which when sold could realise a revenue for you in excess of £3000.

Sell the full suite of Prevue assessments on an ‘unlimited use licence’ basis with an Applicant Tracking System (we’ll explain later) to a client who employs 150-199 employees and your profit could be more than £3500.

The same profit is possible every year your client uses the innovative Prevue system – historically 94% of Prevue clients renew for at least year 2 and many extend their use beyond this.

Cutting costs and reducing hassle

As your clients grow, they will recruit new people, into new roles. But finding and retaining talent, can be a major headache and typically costs organisations a lot of time and money. And this is where you and Coensus come in.

Through the appropriate use of a range of internationally renowned and proven psychometric assessments, first developed in the UK, you will help your clients see the real person behind the well-coached interviewee; the individual not the picture painted by their CV.

You will help cut recruitment costs, ensure your clients employee the right people in the right role, first time, every time. Those they employee will stay longer too, which helps strengthen the business and reflects well on the consultant that introduced the process to them.

The assessments are all undertaken online, with results delivered almost instantly. Not only does the client get a ‘job-fit’ score for each candidate, but questions to ask the candidate at interview will be suggested to help fine-tune the employment process and guarantee only the best make the grade.

Ready to find out more?

We are confident when you look through all the details on our website and read a few sample assessments you will understand the opportunity and want to be part of Coensus. We are only seeking 20 new distributors this year, so please don’t delay and get in touch today – your clients will thank you.
Please call 01753 669401 and speak to Ray King to discuss this opportunity.

Want to know more first?

If you’re not convinced of the benefits of psychometric assessments and the potential market is unclear, it is worth considering the size of the UK recruitment sector. Offering Prevue assessments to your clients and prospects, gives you the opportunity to secure some of this business:

  • Value in 2015 £31.5 Billion
  • 635,000 people placed in roles
  • 8000 UK Recruitment Businesses
  • 103,000 Recruitment Consultants
  • Av Sale per Consultant is £96,000

Sources: www.rec.uk.com www.recruitmentgrapevine.com

What support does Coensus provide?

In addition to a great new business opportunity, you get support from Coensus to help you make the sales that will make a difference to your future and that of your clients.

Coensus is committed to fulfilling our growth potential here in the UK, a market yet to realise the full benefits of psychometric assessments to aid recruitment.

We will support you when you first make client visits, if the opportunity is identified as appropriate. Online join.me sessions for you, your team and clients, will help you build confidence quickly. You will receive full technical support to provide APS Pro (Application Tracking System) and help with understanding the processes involved.

Time to seize the opportunity

Coensus is offering a unique business opportunity and we believe it fits well with your current skill set and the services you offer to your clients. If you’re ready to sell a world-class range of online assessments and make some serious money at the expense of the recruitment industry, then get in touch today, or at least before 20 other people do.

Please call 01753 669401 and speak to Ray King to discuss this opportunity.
For more information or an informal chat about this exciting business opportunity, please fill in your details below and we will be in touch.