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Try before you buy

Thanks for clicking through, we’re pleased you’re interested in seeing how our assessments work in practice.

You can choose to assess them against any benchmark in the library or against our ‘London Cabbie’ benchmark to see how they’d cope with the pressures of the capital’s streets.

Please get in touch and we’ll arrange the online assessment of your choice, with a link to be used by the individual undertaking the assessment.

It could be you, a family member or a colleague, but all the individual will need is an internet connection, about 35-40mins in a quiet peaceful environment and the rest is down to us.

The results will surprise and engage in equal measure, showing more about the individual than you expect. And remember, all our assessments are considered valid, accurate, reliable and fair, helping you pick the right candidates to interview, with help on questions to ask too.

Simply email us or call us on 01753 669401 today and we’ll get the ball rolling.